Property for sale in Fes (Fez). Riads, Villas and Apartments.
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Property for sale in Fes (Fez)

Sunshine Estates provide a wide selection of property for sale in Fes (Fez) including riads, villas and apartments

Fes is benefiting from the overall increase in demand for Moroccan property. Working alongside local English Speaking Estate Agents, we are able to supply a wide range portfolio of property investments ranging from traditional riads to modern villas and apartments.

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Fes is benefiting from the overall increase in demand for Moroccan property. Fes is located inland, 200km north east of Casablanca. It is the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities and commonly considered the spiritual, cultural and intellectual capital of Morocco.

It is home to Fez El Bali, the largest medina in Morocco. Set within almost 3,000 acres, Fez El Bali has been declared a UN World Heritage Site.

The medina is a maze of mosques, food markets and bazaars. Noted for quality craftsmanship, Fes is famous for metalwork, rugs and leather goods.

Each June, Fes hosts the ‘International Festival of Sacred Music’, attracting ethnic musicians from all over the world. With all Moroccan cities, Arabic is the official language, but French, English and Spanish are also widely spoken.


Average daytime temperatures in summer rise to 24ºC (75ºF) with winter temperatures rarely dropping below 9ºC (48ºF).


Direct scheduled flights are available from London, Paris and US major cities to Casablanca where domestic connections can be made to Fes.

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